Egyptian Pyramids

Pyramids The three, as everyone knows one of the seven wonders of the world. One of the oldest Egyptian monuments ever, the Great Pyramid, which was built by King Khufu, is one hundred and forty-six meters long and now reaches one hundred and thirty-seven meters. The second pyramid was built by King Khafra, one hundred and thirty-six meters, and the pyramid of Menkaure, the third pyramid, is 62 meters long.

Egyptian Pyramids are Royal Tombs

Egyptian Pyramids are Royal Tombs, each of which bears the name of the king who built it and was buried there after his death. The pyramid building here is a stage of the development of the tomb architecture in Ancient Egypt, which began with a small pit turned into an underground chamber and then to several rooms topped by a terrace and then evolved to take the form of the pyramid inserted by Engineer Imhotep Minister of Pharaoh Djoser in the Third Dynasty and the pyramid is located in the cemetery Saqqara, followed by two attempts of King Senefro, the founder of the Fourth Dynasty to build a full pyramid shape, but the two pyramids appeared unsound form and are located in Dahshour Size, SPA Hmayono, the engineer of King Khufu, obeyed to reach the ideal pyramid shape and built the pyramid of Khufu in Giza on an area of 13 acres, followed by the pyramid of Khafra and Menkaure

What makes Egyptian Pyramids Great?

Many people think that the greatness of the Egyptian Pyramids lies in the way it is built, and in fact that this talk aside from health, for example, the Great Pyramid is an industrial mountain weighing six million and five hundred thousand tons, and consisting of stones weighing about twelve tons, and these the stones are paved and tuned to half a millimeter, and this is indeed worthy of admiration for the Ancient Egyptian civilization, but it is much larger, the Pyramids is one of the biggest puzzles that faced humanity since the beginning of civilization. Many people have claimed that it is just a tomb of King Khufu, but modern-day scholars believe this is ridiculous. The Great Pyramid was built for a much higher purpose.

Evidence of this is the amazing facts enjoyed by this great edifice, which was collected by (Charles Smith) in the famous book (Our Legacy at the Great Pyramid) in 1864, the height of the pyramid multiplied by one billion equals 14967000 km, the distance between the Earth and the sun, and the orbit that passes from the center. The pyramid divides the continents of the world into two equal halves, and the basis of the pyramid divided by twice its height gives us the famous number (3.14) found in calculators, and that the four corners of the pyramid head to the four original directions in such a stunning accuracy that even some scientists once objected to the existence of the angle of deflection is minimal from the original, and after the discovery of modern electronic devices to measure proved that the corners of the pyramid are the most correct and accurate as for the pyramid of the pharaoh of the famous Kaware Menkaure, scientists have noted that it has a small circular gap does not exceed 20 cm in diameter and archaeologists were able to find out the secret of the existence of this gap after a very careful observation, as it turns out that sunlight enters through that gap only one day a year on the tomb of the Pharaoh of Cower is quite surprising that this day coincides with the birthday of the Pharaoh.