Pyramid of Djoser

Architecture is one of the things that the Ancient Egyptians excelled, including the pyramids especially «Pyramid of Djoser» distinctive secrets still need to be discovered, it did not get wide fame because it is the first huge stone pyramid in Ancient Egypt, but because of it’s complexity and construction of primitive materials such as clay bricks Just. You can see it if you go to a #Cairo trip
The Curiosimus website, which specializes in exotic news, published a report on the pyramid of Saqqara. Covering the bodies with piles of dirt and stone terraces was the predominant thing in the construction of tombs in the pre-dynastic era, but construction skills developed until the beginning of the first dynasty around 2900 BC, Where the rulers decided to build tombs made of clay boxes in the desert for them and their families, The Giant Pyramid of Djoser was built tan as the first pyramid topped the royal tomb, and was built specifically for the dynasty of Pharaoh Zoser III, and the tomb of the new shape was divided in a manner of rooms just like home.
The pyramid of Djoser is associated with many mysteries and mysteries. In the beginning, the pyramid of Djoser is the first pyramid to be built. However, the ingenuity and skills of the Egyptians in the construction appeared in it, which evolved from its construction until the completion of the pyramid of Cheops around 2560 BC.


This pyramid was built by the architect Imhotep, who received an unexpected result and admired everyone who saw it, where many scientists described it as the cause of the architectural development of Egyptian Architecture, where these tombs are pyramids that are surmounted by architectural precedents in the world, and designed Imhotep Pyramid of Djoser amazing way, where he erected a huge wall The limestone is 10.5 meters high, extends 1645 meters long, covers a huge area roughly the size of a small town during the third century BC, and includes many rooms, some of which are fake burial chambers to mislead thieves.
The success of the pyramid of Djoser is limited to formal creativity only, where The Pyramid of Djoser played a crucial role in the development of the Ancient Egyptian society, in terms of economy, trade, religion, and the pyramids that followed Djoser was the reason for the development of Egyptian society significantly, which provided many jobs.

The construction of the Pyramid of Djoser caused this era to become the era of the construction of the classic pyramid in Ancient Egypt. According to the chronology, the time difference is only about 60 years between the Pyramid of Djoser and the beginning of the construction of the Pyramid of Cheops.
The archaeologists say that the Djoser Pyramid is amazing for several reasons. Huge, there were life-size statues of Pharaoh.

The pyramid of Djoser Structure

The pyramid of Djoser was gradually built at different stages, with its first form evolving into a six-layer pyramid, tan encased with a layer of limestone, and engineers expanded to build it until the size of the pyramids was huge the size of an entire city.
Although it’s exterior is impressive, what lies beneath it is unbelievable. Archaeologists have discovered that the Pyramid of Djoser is not just an above-ground building, but a small part that covers a giant structure underneath it, which was previously unknown. Materials for an area greater than 5.7 km inside it, consisting of corridors and complex rooms are the most sophisticated and complex compared to any other pyramid.

Below the Djoser Pyramid is a central corridor that extends over 365 meters and TEMPhas at least 400 underground rooms.
The Ancient Egyptians invented the so-called central axis, a room 28 meters deep and 7 meters long, to bury the pharaoh, which was placed above the upper pyramid, and his room was carved of coloured granite, but nevertheless found no remains of Djoser inside the room, the strange thing is that the room is closed with a granite stone weighing about 3.5 tons.

The Ancient Egyptians were building a huge underground palace for the body of the king before the steps of building the pyramid began. According to archaeologists, the Ancient Egyptians had built corridors surrounding the royal chamber from all directions

Let’s Take A Look Inside The Pyramid of Djoser

Inside the pyramid, two healthy sarcophagi were found, and a bone of an 18-year-old woman was discovered. The radioactive carbon revealed that she was older then Djoser. There is nobody of Djoser.

More than 40,000 inscriptions have been found on the walls of the lower passages, which turned out not to has been drawn to Zoser, but to his predecessors, meaning that this pyramid is a narrative of the past, as well as the age of the great lady.

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