The Nile River

For the site The Nile River is located in the northeastern part of the continent of Africa, and starts its course from the source at Lake Victoria – located in the middle east of the continent – and TEMPthan heading north to the estuary in the Mediterranean Sea, a total length of 6,695 km. The […]

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Khan Al-Khalily

Khan was named after Khalili Sultan Jahreks al-Khalili, one of the Mamluk Sultans, who founded it in 1382 AD, more than 620 years ago on the ruins of the tombs of the Fatimid caliphs in Egypt, known as the soil of saffron. In terms of her visit and reluctance and lighting and charity days of […]

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El Moez Street

Al Moez Street in Old Cairo Al Moez Ledin Allah Fatimid Street, Azam Street, Kasbah of Cairo or Kasbah of Greater Cairo is a street that represents the heart of the old city of Cairo and was developed to be an open museum of Islamic architecture and monuments. With the emergence of the city of […]

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The Egyptian Museum

The story of the history of the museum began when foreign consuls accredited in Egypt admired the Ancient Egyptian Art, and worked to collect the Egyptian Antiquities, and sent to the major European cities, and thus began to flourish Egyptian antiquities trade, which then became a European fashion. Gifts from Egyptian artifacts during the 19th […]

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Salah al-Din Castle

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi Castle Salah Al-Din al-Ayyubi began the construction of a castle on Mount Mokattam in a place known as the Dome of the Air. But he did not complete it in his life. It was completed by Sultan Al-Kamil Ibn Al-Adil. The first king to live in was the king and took it […]

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